To ensure the highest quality of care, sessions are always one on one with a licensed physical therapist. Clients are never handed off to an assistant or aide. Dr. Furr will collaborate with you as well as with your physician and/or trainer to help you attain your goals and get you back to moving pain free.

Make an appointment today! You do not need a physician's referral.

Our initial evaluations are approximately 1 hour in length. Our follow up treatments are approx. 45-minutes.

Scroll down for conditions we treat and a look at more of the services we provide.




What We Treat



Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sports Injuries



Neck pain

Back pain


Golfer's Elbow

Tennis Elbow



Knee Conditions

Shoulder Conditions

Foot/Ankle Conditions

Elbow/hand Conditions



Post Surgical Procedures

Pain associated with pregnancy

Balance Issues

Mobility/Stability deficits

And many more...


Services Offered

Thorough evaluations

Individualized treatment plan

Dry Needling

Joint mobilizations








Neural Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Instrument Assisted Mobilizations

Patient education





Athletic Taping


Functional Movement Screens

Corrective/Therapeutic Exercises



Wellness/Injury prevention treatments




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